" Getting started was easy: I was asked to fill out an online form with the standard questions about weight, height, what my goals were, current diet, injuries and dietary requirements, etc. Subsequently, she sent detailed assessment based on my current physique. Pinpoint my strengths and weaknesses and some advice for improvement.

BIKINI101 creates a tailored diet plan(included a supplements plan) and workout program via email. All the reporting and check-in will be communicated through WhatsApp. She keeps track on my diet and my daily workout activity via Apple Fitness.

I have been working with Jibin since Dec 23. So how do I feel about BIKINI101 online coaching?

- Found my confidence

- BIKINI workout plan which helps to build a balanced body structure

- Set up a daily routine that works for me

- Increase the amount of weekly cardio/strength

- Posing tips for Bikini

One of the concerns I shared with Jibin was my scoliosis problem. We talked about increasing the amount of stretching and incorporating single-arm exercises like single-arm row, single-arm pull down etc. She will constantly follow up with your progress make sure I'm on track. So if you are considering trying out online coaching, consider BIKINI101 and get coached personally with the 3x Olympian, Jibin Park."

- Kanny - 

" I'm very grateful you agreed to work with me and I trust your expertise. I am hoping for a long working relationship and wish to continue working together after this first three months. The workouts are intense but very much possible for me. I enjoy the fact you adapt to my needs."

- Lucie - 

" I've changed a lot for a month and a half, with BIKINI101. Not only have I lost lots of fat, but my muscles have grown. Also, my body feels more comfortable than before. Although training is sometimes so hard and frustrating, my coach has always answers questions patiently and effectively, encourages and motivates me."

- Katie - 

" I've been taking online coaching since September 2023. Three months of competition preparation was harder than I thought. My coach's methods are definitely not easy. Sometimes I wanted to cry. Also, sometimes I wanted to just take a rest, but every time I did, my coach got me right. I was really impressed by the body changes caused by lots of enduring and trying until the end. I've never imagined losing fat and increasing muscle mass at the same time because I am not a person who has many muscles. Every time I see myself growing up, I feel everything is so rewarding. I am really grateful for my coach's teaching. She took her time from a few days before the competition day to check my posing and conditions, and even gave help pumping in the backstage. This is not a matter of course, so I sincerely appreciate the coach for taking of me. If you want to take online coaching, I highly recommend BIKINI101 with confidence. I guarantee your body will definitely get changed if you trust and follow her hard."

- Peggy -